John Hinckley Sr., president of a Denver oil company,...


EVERGREEN, Colo. -- John Hinckley Sr., president of a Denver oil company, was at his office Monday when he learned his 25-year-old son had been arrested in Washington for attempting to assassinate President Reagan.

Associates said he left immediately for his home in the Hiwan Country Club area of Evergreen, a weathly community in the pine-covered foothills of the Rocky Mountains 25 miles southwest of his Denver office.


Hinckley, president of Vanderbilt Energy Co. of Denver, was met at his rambling, rock-and-wood home, by Secret Service agents waiting to question him about the elder of his two sons, John Warnock Hinkley Jr., 25.

The elder Hinckley, dressed in a two-piece grey business suit, appeared composed. He was met in the house by his wife and other son, Scott, 20.

The agents sealed off the area around the split-level house.

John Jr. was wrestled to the ground shortly after 2:30 p.m. Monday by Secret Service agents guarding Reagan and his entourage as they left the Washington Hilton Hotel.

The blond young man is accused of stepping up behind members of the Washington press corps and firing a round of shots from a .22-caliber gun. Reagan, his press secretary Jim Brady, a Secret Service man and a Washington police officer were wounded.


Neighbors said they knew little about the Hinckleys, but some high school acquaintances described John Jr. as quiet, friendly and sports-minded, but without any particular political leanings.

The family lives at 31340 Brookline, near the country club, where homes are valued at more than $200,000.

The Hinckleys moved to Evergreen from the wealthy Highland Park section of Dallas six years ago and the suspect graduated from Evergreen High School in 1977.

Nadine Burkey, 19, said she was a sophomore in high school when Hinckley was a senior.

'He was nice looking,' she said. 'He had a real good personality -- he was real friendly and popular. I think he played football because he was kind of involved in sports.'

She added: 'He was really kind of quiet, and certainly wasn't a troublemaker. I don't think he had any political leanings.'

There were reports that Hinckley had rented an apartment in Lakewood, a suburb on the west of Denver, sometime during the winter. Other reports said he had spent some time recently in Texas.

A pawn shop in Lakewood said a John W. Hinckley had pawned a typewriter and guitar on March 11 and had not retrieved the items.

The office of Gov. Richard D. Lamm said the young man had no Colorado driver's license, no police record in Colorado and no record of commitment to a mental institution in the state.


Four Secret Service agents were with the family most of the afternoon and evening and other agents, Colorado State Patrol officers and Jefferson County sheriff's deputies guarded the outside of the home.

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