President Reagan's firing of the government's inspectors general charged...

WASHINGTON -- President Reagan's firing of the government's inspectors general charged with uncovering waste and fraud in government came under attack Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., whose House oversight and investigations subcommittee issued a report on the subject, said the study shows Reagan's campaign promises to attack waste in government are 'phony.'


At issue is Reagan's firing of all 15 inspectors general, agents assigned to various government departments with the task of being internal watch dogs. That action was taken shortly after Reagan took office.

'It has been over two months since Reagan sacked the IGs, and not a single nomination has been sent to the Hill,' Dingell said. 'In the meantime the subcommittee staff has found that most of the IG operations are in a state of paralysis.

'The auditors and investigators have been intimidated while the White House is looking for politically suitable replacements,' he added.

Dingell said it appears the White House is looking for 'politically palatable rubber-toothed junkyard dogs' as replacements.

That was a reference to a statement by White House press secretary James Brady that the officials were fired because the administration was looking for replacements that would be 'meaner than a junkyard dog.'


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