A Wall Street dividend supervisor who surrendered to police...

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- A Wall Street dividend supervisor who surrendered to police was arrested and held without bail Sunday in the shotgun deaths of his estranged wife and his sister-in-law, Nassau County police said.

Police said Joseph Sparks, 35, an employee of Paine Webber, went to the Hempstead police about 3:20 a.m. and told Sgt. Peter Leonetti to lock him up because he had just killed his wife.


When Officer Thomas Moore entered the wife's home at 52 Gladys Ave., he found Sparks' estranged wife, Ruby, 34, lying face down with wounds in the head and torso.

Spark's sister-in-law, Gloria Bailey, 35, was found dead in the bedroom.

Police said they believe a 12-gauge shotgun found at the scene was used in the killings.

During the entire incident, police said Ms. Bailey's son, Brian, 15, apparently slept in an upstairs bedroom.

Sparks, who lives at nearby 70 Albermarle Ave., allegedly took his five children, ages 13 to 8, to his home at 2 p.m. Saturday as he usually did.

He then took them to a late night movie and returned about midnight, police said.

Sparks, who has been separated from his wife since September, left the children at home with their grandmother and went to the Gladys Avenue house, where he was met by Ms. Bailey.


Police said Sparks locked her in a closet until his wife came home from her job as a postal clerk in New York City.

He then shot the two women, police said.

The five children were taken by police and put in the care of the Nassau County Juvenile Aid Bureau until they could be placed in another relative's home.

Sparks was arraigned before Judge Warren Dolittle and remanded to the county jail.

A court hearing was set for Wednesday.

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