To commemorate the end of Walter Cronkite's 19-year career...

NEW YORK -- To commemorate the end of Walter Cronkite's 19-year career as CBS-TV News anchorman, rival network ABC took out full page ads today in major newspapers nationwide thanking him for his contributions to broadcast journalism.

The 'Thank You, Walter' ads appearing in papers including the New York Times, the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, cite Cronkite's 'extraordinary contributions' and 'wish him well in the years ahead.'


Another rival, NBC, plans to launch a major ad campaign next week touting NBC correspondents and John Chancellor, who will also cover Cronkite's retirement on NBC's Friday night news, reports New York Daily News columnist Claudia Cohen.

CBS-TV, meanwhile, has taken out ads in TV Guide, 'Introducing our newest Correspondent,' to explain that Cronkite will still appear on the CBS News doing special reports, documentaries and the 'Universe' science series.

'We're trying to let the public know Walter is staying with CBS,' Miss Cohen quoted CBS News president Bill Leonard as saying.

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