A Texas woman is suing the federal government to...

March 4, 1981
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DALLAS -- A Texas woman is suing the federal government to regain two photographs she took during President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

One of her lawyers said the government is keeping them because they may prove the 'grassy knoll' theory that a second gunman was involved.

Mary Ann Bortoni filed suit Tuesday in an effort to get the pictures from the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations, which subpoenaed them in 1978 and has now ended its investigation.

Ms. Bortoni's lawyer, Frank Shor, said the photos were taken with a Polaroid camera and 'may substantiate the grassy knoll theory.'

'I think they show a rifle,' Shor said, even though he has not seen the pictures.

Ms. Bortoni was on the south side of Elm Street about 15 feet from Kennedy's limousine when the shots were fired. She supposedly took one of the pictures the moment a bullet struck the president.

The Warren Commission also subpoenaed the photos, but later returned them

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