Mayor Tom Moody admits he watches X-rated cable TV...

COLUMBUS -- Mayor Tom Moody admits he watches X-rated cable TV at the office as part of his job overseeing city franchises, but blasts a report that he devotes up to half his day at the task as 'grossly erroneous.'

A recent article in Panorama magazine said Moody spends up to 25 to 50 percent of his viewing time watching the explicit adult sex films.


'I do watch the adult channel in this office as part of my job,' Moody said Wednesday. 'But to say it takes up 25 to 50 percent of my viewing time is grossly erroneous. I sample it every now and then to see what kinds of things are going on.

'There are several different degrees of pornography; we have to know what's happening in order to monitor the complaints,' he said.

'I think the really kind of tragic thing, the most obscene thing about them is the price,' said Moody, adding that home subscribers of the city-franchised Warner Amex Cable Co. pay $3.50 per showing to watch X-rated movies.

'But since you don't have to pay it on this government channel and since I can't recall that I've ever seen a movie from beginning to end,' he said, 'it doesn't make any difference to me.'


Moody said his viewing experience indicates the adult movies 'certainly go beyond the bounds of what I think is appropriate, but do not go beyond the bounds of the law.'

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