Teen-age kiss-in planned to counter ban on public smooching


SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Hundreds of Brazilian teen-agers irate over a local judge's ban on sexy kisses in public are planning a samba-backed 'kiss-in' to challenge the smooching ruling.

Judge Manuel Morales banned the 'cinematographic kiss, in which saliva is mixed to simply swell the sensuality' after he said he received complaints of numerous cases of couples making love in cars.


'This is absurd. How do you define a cinematographic kiss? How long does it have to last?' said high school student Carlos Battestella, one of the leaders of the Saturday night kiss-in in the prosperous agricultural town of Sorocaba, 75 miles from Sao Paulo.

Local Police Chief Cassio Salermo also said he thought most people in the town of 200,000 did not see any real need for the judge's crackdown.

'I think there's a certain degree of tolerance for kissing in public these days,' he said. 'It's very natural in the bigger cities.'

But the police chief said that law was law, and his men would continue to break up couples who became excessively amorous.

Battestella, the 17-year-old high school student, said there would also be theater and poetry at the 'Night of the Kiss.' Another attraction was a specially written samba tune.

'If I should be punished for kissing my little darling and the policeman puts us in jail, behind bars,' the lyrics say, ' then I'll be happy, because I'll be able to kiss my lover better.'

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