One hostage reunited with wife


WIESBADEN, West Germany -- Marine Corps medic Donald Hohman had a 'pretty emotional' meeting with his wife Wednesday, becoming the first of the 52 freed American hostages to be reunited with his family.

The encounter was made possible because Hohman's wife Anna is a military nurse who lives in Frankfurt.


Anna Hohman was on the balcony of Wiesbaden Air Force Hospital a half hour before sunrise Wednesday while her husband and the other hostages were ending their 4,055-mile flight to freedom from Iran.

But by the time the hostages arrived at the three-story hospital, she had stepped back inside.

Military sources said the Hohmans had a brief reunion in the hospital commander's office later in the morning.

'Needless to say, it was pretty emotional,' one official said. 'Wouldn't you be pretty excited after 14 months?'

State Department officials have discouraged familiy members from flying to West Germany to be reunited with the hostages, but Mrs. Hohman was a special case. She is a German national who lives and works in Frankfurt, 25 miles east of Wiesbaden.

Even so, she was only allowed to spend a few minutes with Hohman, 38, of West Sacramento, Calif., before he returned to the guarded third-floor of the 235-bed hospital with the other hostages.


The daughter of another freed hostage flew to West Germany Wednesday and checked into Wiesbaden's plush Penta Hotel just 2 miles from the Air Force hospital.

Alyssa Keough, 19, said she took her telephone off the hook at home in South Burlington, Vt., and didn't receive a call from the State Department advising her against flying to Wiesbaden.

But Miss Keough said she intended to give her father William Keough time to rest and re-orient himself before contacting the hospital.

Keough, 59, of Brookline, Mass., was superintendent of the American School in Islamabad, Pakistan, and just happened to be picking up school records at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran when the building was seized by Islamic militants on Nov. 4, 1979.

His daughter arrived in Wiesbaden wearing a yellow ribbon around the right wristband of her brown buckskin gloves.

'I've got a suitcase full of yellow things,' she said.

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