Survivors of Japan's worst hotel fire in 35 years...

TOKYO -- Survivors of Japan's worst hotel fire in 35 years today praised two tour guides who died trying to save others in the inferno that claimed at least 43 lives.

Police and fire department workers recovered four more chared bodies today from the rubble of the Kawaji Prince Hotel and said they believed two more bodies were still buried under the remains of the building at a hot springs resort 80 miles north of Tokyo.


The tour guides, Mrs. Harue Kihara, 35, and Shigeru Kawajiro, 25, were safely away from the burning four-story hotel when they ran back in to lead out hapless guests, one survivor said.

'If it were not for their disregard for their own lives, I would not be alive today,' he said.

Kihara and Kawajiro are presumed by officials to have died when the hotel was gutted by fire Thursday.

Charges of negligence and inadequate safety procedures have been made against the hotel's management by survivors.

The hotel failed to install emergency exit lights and to conduct fire fighting exercises, the local fire department said.

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