At the moment Ronald Reagan learned that he had...

WASHINGTON -- At the moment Ronald Reagan learned that he had been elected president he was in the shower and 'dripping wet,' he said Wednesday.

At a luncheon on Capitol Hill with Republican senators and congressmen, the president-elect bared the details of the historic telephone call from President Carter conceding the election Nov. 4.


Reagan said he had told his wife Nancy 'over and over' on Election Day that he hoped the election 'doesn't seesaw all night.'

'I never dreamed it would be in the late afternoon when I was taking a shower, standing there dripping wet, that Nancy told me the White House was on the phone.

'It isn't exactly the way you want to be portrayed,' he added, as the luncheon guests erupted in laughter.

Reagan also took a mild jab at Carter, telling the congressional Republicans 'I won't send you a bill' for breakfast at the White House.

Early in his presidency, Carter charged Senate and House leaders $1.25 for coffee and a sweet roll when they came to the White House to discuss legislative matters.

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