Ronald Reagan got most of the new newspaper endorsements,...

Nov. 3, 1980
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Ronald Reagan got most of the new newspaper endorsements, but John Anderson picked up the backing of the Hartford (Conn.) Courant) and President Carter was endorsed by the Des Moines (Iowa) Register-Tribune.

Reagan was endorsed Sunday by The State of Columbia, S.C., the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union Reagan, Providence (R.I.) Journal, Toledo (Ohio) Blade, New Haven (Conn.) Register, the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune and Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard.

The Albany Times-Union in New York said Reagan possesses 'an integrity, a force of will, a potential of leadership' that is missing in the incumbent.

'The American people are disheartened and pessimistic in the face of obviously flawed leadership. And Jimmy Carter stands before us asking for another term. We say no,' it said.

The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper, said the choice between the Reagan and Carter 'is not an easy one.'

But the newspaper said, 'It boils down to this: We would rather gamble that the Reagan-Bush team can restore confidence at home and abroad than settle for another four years under a president as weak as Jimmy Carter.'

The Des Moines Register said it had backed Carter 'despite serious misgivings.' The endorsement said, 'As president, Carter broke many of the implied and explicit promises that led us to endorse him four years ago; the record of his administration, overall, is disappointing and undistinguished.

But it said,'Ronald Reagan's views and ours are at odds in most respects.

The Courant, Connecticut's largest newspaper, said both major parties had failed to select the best possible nominees.

'If you want to register displeasure with them -- to protest -- in a constructive way, vote for John B. Anderson,' the editorial said.

The New Haven Register said four more years of economic and diplomatic conditions prevelant during the Carter administration is 'an intolerable future to face.'

'With Ronald Reagan in the White House, America is given hope and confidence for a new resurgence in spirit and energy, driving the nation forward again,' the editorial said.

The Toledo Blade said Reagan is preferable to Carter 'not so much because of the man himself but because he symbolizes the kind of change that is needed in this country.'

The Casper Star-Tribune said, 'The chances of encountering some leadership in a Reagan presidency are clearly greater than no chance at all in a Carter rerun.'

The Providence Journal said the nation's 'poor economic showing reflects President Carter's failure to exercise leadership.'

The newspaper said Reagan 'offers a discernible direction both in domestic and foreign policy approaches. Many may disagree with his particulars, but Mr. Reagan at least makes it clear where he is coming from and where he is headed.'

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