TV Guide magazine Monday endorsed Ronald Reagan for president,...

TV Guide magazine Monday endorsed Ronald Reagan for president, the first time in its 27-year history the 18.9 million circulation weekly has taken sides in the race for the White House.

The TV Guide publisher Walter H. Annenberg, who served as President Nixon's ambassador to England, said President Carter's 'unfortunate record does not warrant his re-election.'


Annenberg said he has known Reagan for 30 years, and 'there is no doubt that he would select to head government departments and agencies the men and women best equipped by virtue of experience and talent and would delegate authority to them.' end adv material

With the election a week away, more newspapers around the nation revealed their presidential preference Monday, with the San Diego Union announcing it was for Reagan. The Milwaukee Sentinel and the Wheeling, W.Va., Intelligencer also backed the Republican challenger.

The Springfield, Mass., Daily News urged the re-election of President Carter, as did the Charleston, W. Va., Gazette.

The San Diego Union, declaring its support for Reagan, said he 'would unite the American people' and 'restore productivity, prosperity, and strength and make Americans prideful again.'

The Springfield Daily News, noting many voters see next week's balloting as a choice of the lesser evil, said Carter 'should be re-elected for positive reasons.'


'Carter has demonstrated courageous leadership in international and domestic affairs and this newspaper, that was proud to endorse Harry Truman for president, with similar pride endorses a man with similar unflappable courage,' the Daily News said.

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