Iran-Iraq war at-a-glance

BASRA, Iraq _ In the 23rd day of the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq forces pour artillery fire into Abadan, and funneled more men and tanks into a ground drive already within three to five miles of the city; Iran says it shot down a sixth Iraqi plane during an attack on Iran's Kharg Island oil terminal in the Persian Gulf.

TEHRAN, Iran _ Iran reveals that Kurdish tribesmen revolted against Iran and 'killed 20 Iranians and injured 50 others,' the first evidence that not all of Iran's restive minorities have rallied behind the Tehran government in the war with Iraq.


BAGHDAD, Iraq _ Baghdad says three Iranian warplanes attacked it Tuesday but were 'forced to flee' by anti-aircraft fire. It said 12 civilians were injured when the planes hit outlying areas of the Iraqi capital.

BEIRUT, Lebanon _ Although the Palestine Liberation Organization is keeping publicly neutral in the war, it is covertly backing Tehran with material and moral support, Palestinian sources say.

KUWAIT _ Iraq's foreign minister, in a newspaper interview, warns the United States against any involvement in the Persian Gulf war.

TEHRAN, Iran _ Tehran Radio says North Korea declared its full support to Iran and urges the closing of the South Korean embassy in Tehran.


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