Rosalynn Carter says she and her husband, the president,...

SHREVEPORT, La. -- Rosalynn Carter says she and her husband, the president, are against abortion, but that didn't prevent her from being greeted by anti-abortion demonstrators.

Mrs. Carter visited Centenary College during a three-state Southern campaign swing Monday. She attended a rally, a reception and a news conference while trying to shove Louisiana into President Carter's column on Nov. 4.


Right now, the state is considered a toss-up by most political experts, but Mrs. Carter said she believes it will not stray from the Democratic fold.

As Mrs. Carter left the school, she walked past about a dozen silent anti-abortion protesters, some carrying infants and signs. Mrs. Carter hugged one of the babies but took no notice of the signs.

She said nothing to the protesters and they did not speak with her. Earlier, though, she told the news conference that she and Carter are 'personally very opposed to abortion' and always have been.

When Carter was governor of Georgia, she said, 'We wrote the most conservative law (on abortion) that the Supreme Court would allow.'

The protesters carried signs reading 'Carter has no respect for life' and 'Abortion is no Rose Garden.' One placard, covered with red, read: 'The White House is stained red with the blood of the unborn.'


Answering a question at the news conference, Mrs. Carter said she and her husband do not believe busing is the best way to desegregate schools.

'He said (recently) he did not think busing was the way to solve the problems,' she said. 'He thought that if the parents could get together a committed group, determined to work out their problems and see that every single person in a city had a good education and an equal opportunity to have a good education, that would be the way ... to work out the situation.'

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