2 backup singers walk out on Elvis Presley during performance

NORFOLK, Va.(UPI) -- Elvis Presley, performing before a packed house Sunday night, commented on what it was like to have 11,000 people breathing on him, saying that he smelled green peppers and onions and that his backup singers, the Sweet Inspirations, had probably been eating catfish.

Two of the three black singers did not laugh with Elvis and the audience.


Later, while introducing members of his stage show, Elvis looked toward the women and said, "Sorry for any embarrassment I might have caused you, but if you can't take it, get off the pot."

At that point, one of the female vocalists left the stage at Norfolk-Scope, another followed her, as did a white backup singer, not a member of the group.

The third group member stayed- Out on Elvis singing, clapping and smiling through the remainder of the performance.

Elvis obviously appreciated her loyalty. He walked over to her at one point, took what appeared to be a diamond ring from his finger and held it out to her.

"Take it, take it," he said and she did.

Elvis' earlier show Sunday afternoon, also before a packed house, went smoothly.


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