President announces evacuation from Vietnam

WASHINGTON, April 29, 1975 (UPI) - President Ford told congressional leaders Tuesday that on his orders nearly every American has been evacuated from Vietnam without incident-an abrupt ending to nearly 14 years of U.S. involvement in that war-torn nation. "It has gone well and there have been no casualties," Sen. Clifford Case, R-N.J., told reporters following a meeting with Ford. "I hope before too many minutes it will be over."

Rep. George Mahon, D-Tex., said the congressional leaders were told that the emergency evacuation "is just about concluded."


"The Americans were evacuated in a more or less orderly way and apparently this has worked out successfully," he said.

Ford Monday night ordered Marines to carry out the evacuation, telling them to use force only to protect their lives.

"Force will not be used unless essential to protect the lives of those involved," Ford said in a statement. Pentagon officials said they expected the rescue operation to be finished shortly after noon.

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