Unidentified Submerged Object sighted on Pascagoula River

It's USO, Not UFO

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (UPI) -- Another strange object has been sighted on the Pascagoula River where two fishermen reported being taken aboard a spacecraft by weird creatures several weeks ago.

The Coast Guard called the latest sighting an unidentified submerged illuminating object.


Raymond Ryan, 42, said he saw the object while fishing on the river Tuesday night.

The Coast Guard confirmed the sighting.

Ryan said the underwater light followed his boat and repeated efforts to beat the thing away with an oar only made the light get dimmer.

At first, he relayed, he decided not to tell anyone about the sighting.

Much publicity has surrounded the reported sighting several weeks ago of an unidentified flying object in the same vicinity by two other Pascagoula fishermen who claim they were taken aboard the craft by creatures with claws. But Ryan said he finally summoned his twin brother, Rayme, and the two of them went back to the brackish waters and poked at the light with oars again.

The object was located in four to six feet of water, moving at 4-6 knots, the Coast Guard report said.

The officers named the object an unidentified submerged illuminating object, and described it as an amber beam, 4-6 inches in diameter, attached to a bright, metal object.

Coast Guard officials said they tried to retrieve the object, but it would appear to go out and move away and then reappear.

The report said the object traveled on several different courses during the hour they had it under surveillance.

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