Humphrey concedes to Nixon

By United Press International

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey today sent the following telegram to Richard M. Nixon:

"On the basis of unofficial returns you are the winner. Please know you will have my support in unifying and leading the nation.


"I am confident that with the constructive leadership of both parties, we can go on building a better nation in the spirit of peace and harmony."

His voice quavering but with a smile on his lips, Humphrey told his supporters not to feel sorry for him.

"I'd like to have you feel a little bit happy. I've done my best. I have lost. Mr. Nixon has won."

Humphrey said he started behind but "never had any doubt it would be a close fight."

"I've done my best," he said. "Now let's get on with the urgent task of uniting our country."

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