Debris hurled at Beatle concert

MEMPHIS, Aug. 19 — Firecrackers, fruit and debris were tossed at the Beatles tonight during a concert here.

Two boys and a girl were slightly injured when a firecracker bounced near the audience. Another firecracker — which exploded with a loud bang at the feet of drummer Ringo Starr — was thrown as the British rock ’n’ roll group started their second number of a night concert before about 11,000 persons, mostly youngsters.


The police charged through the packed aisles and hustled a young man out a side entrance.

About the time the firecracker exploded, persons in the balcony above the Beatles began dropping fruit and debris. Several used flashbulbs hit the stage and pieces of fruit splattered at the feet of the Beatles.

The police quickly quieted the audience.

“They didn’t miss a note,” marveled one spectator after the brief incident. Six Ku Klux Klansmen picketed outside the Mid-South Coliseum before the concert — the second of two held here.

The Beatles have been the subject of controversy int his country since John Lennon, a member of the quartet, said that the group was more popular than Jesus. Mr. Lennon later said his remark had been misinterpreted.

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