Vatican accepts Lennon’s apology

ROME, Aug. 13 — The Vatican City newspaper L’Osservatore Romano accepted John Lennon’s apology Saturday for his remarks about Jesus.

In London a Roman Catholic weekly commented that, while the Beatles’ remarks were “arrogant,” he may have given Christians “a well-placed kick where it was most needed.”


The Osservatore said in an editorial: “It cannot be denied that there is some foundation to the latest observations of John Lennon about atheism or the distraction of many people.” The newspaper also quoted Paul McCartney as interrupting Mr. Lennon’s remarks to say, “We all deplore the fact” that Christianity “seems to be shrinking, to be losing contact.”

“And so the matter is closed,” the editorial ended.

The British paper, The Catholic Herald, said that Mr. Lennon’s reported remarks about Christianity were “arrogant” but “if a worldwide opinion poll could be taken, we should probably find that John Lennon was speaking the bare truth.”

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