Oswald's 1959 interview with UPI

By ALINE MOSBY  |  November 23 1963
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PARIS, Nov. 23, 1963 (UPI) - He wanted to stay in the Soviet Union, said the slight and intense young man sitting in Room 233 of the Metropole Hotel in Moscow.

Living in the United States, he added, would mean being exploited by the capitalists. That was one of his reasons for coming to Moscow.

"Lee Harvey Oswald, Fort Worth, Tex., arrived Moscow, Oct. 15, 1959, applied Oct. 16 for Soviet citizenship," I had written in my notebook that day when I was on assignment in the UPI bureau there.

Early today, after Oswald's arrest in Dallas, I found my notes on what he had said when I located him in Moscow after he went to the U.S. Embassy there and asked that his citizenship be canceled.

Sitting by a fringed lampshade and looking out the lace-curtained window on Revolution Square, he talked easily as if he were anxious to get all that he said published.

"I was born in New Orleans and lived for two years in New York," he said. "I spent most of my life in Fort Worth. My father died before I was born. My mother works in shops mostly, in Fort Worth."

As he continued, he gave me the impression of a person who is determined but unsure of himself, na

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