Final vote shows Algerians support De Gaulle's peace proposals

ALGIERS, Jan. 9, 1961 (UPI) - Algerians favored President Charles de Gaulle's peace proposals 1,747,529 to 782,056, final figures in the voting showed today. Supporters of the 70-year-old French president, who staked his job on the outcome of the three-day referendum in Algeria and France on Algerian self-determination, swept aside a Moslem boycott and bloodshed to give him the vote of confidence he had demanded.

Algerian rebels, European settlers and Communists opposed the plan.


In Paris, French officials said voters in Metropolitan France favored the plan 75% to 25%.

Total vote in France and overseas territories and departments was 17,423,691 for the plan to 5,822,603 against the plan.

Two Moslems were killed today as rampaging Moslems, swinging axes and shovels, clashed with security forces and looted homes, smashed cars and terrorized Europeans in the villages of Batna, Boufarik and Tiaret.

Jacques Soustelle, spokesman for right-wing settlers who had opposed de Gaulle's plan, conceded that de Gaulle had been handed a "blank check" to carry out his Algerian policies.

Aides of de Gaulle said the president would announce a provisional set up within 10 days to give Algerians more home rule. They also said he would press for peace talks with the Algerian rebels.


The referendum question was in two parts: Do you approve self-determination for Algeria? Do you approve reorganization of public powers in Algeria?

The "yes" vote meant that another referendum will be held eventually. It will give Algerians the choice of being completely independent, remain part of France or choose some middle course.

Thirty-six Moslems were slain in election violence in Algeria but the French Army maintained control. Rebels had warned Moslems who voted would get their throats slit.

Europeans settlers sought a "no" vote on the grounds Algeria would become independent and they would lose their favored position in the country where there are only a million Europeans and 10,000,000 Moslems.

Moslem rebels and Communists opposed the referendum on the ground that it was a fraud that would block complete independence.

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