Once wealthy antique dealer sought in disappearance of wife

NEW YORK (UPI) -- The FBI today arrested Guy Rockwell Muldavin, once wealthy antique dealer wanted in connection with the disappearance of his wife and her young daughter whose mutilated bodies were believed found in their Seattle home shortly after he remarried.

The FBI said Muldavin, 37, who will be arraigned later today was picked up in a Greenwich Village apartment. Muldavin also is wanted by Seattle police on a charge of fraudulently obtaining $10,000 from the stepmother of his present wife, the former Evelyn Emerson, on the pretense of using the money to buy antiques in Canada.


H.G. Foster, head of the FBI in New York, said Seattle police wanted Muldavin in connection with the mysterious death of his second wife, Manzaninta Mearns, who disappeared on April Fool's Day this year with Dolores Ann Mearns, 18, her daughter by a previous marriage.

Police said bits of human tissue and pieces of a human body were located in a newly sealed septic tank at the home where Muldavin, his wife and her daughter lived and operated an antique shop.

Muldavin, who was schooled in Switzerland, Connecticut, and New York as well as tutored privately on hjs family cattle ranch at Tibera, N.M., divorced Manzanita in Seattle July 26 on a desertion charge and married Miss. Emerson July 22. Five days later, police charged, he received a cashier's check for $10,000 from her stepmother, Mrs. Germaine Winkler, to buy antiques for quick resale in Canada.


The disappearance of his second wife, Manzanita, was first reported by her former husband, William Mearns.

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