Algerian Europeans riot over plan for greater Algerian independence

ALGIERS, Nov. 11, 1960 (UPI) - Angry European settlers smashed into the United States Government Information Center in Algiers and wrecked the building today. The attack was the climax to a day of bloody rioting in which at least 50 persons were injured.

The demonstrations against President Charles de Gaulle's plan to give Algeria greater independence appeared to be subsiding when several hundred young Europeans assembled in the Rue Michelet, then broke down the doors of the American cultural center.


Acting United States Consul General Richard C. Johnson was not in the building when the attack occurred. There were no reports of injury to any Americans.

Today's demonstrations were directed against de Gaulle. Tens of thousands of settlers cried "de Gaulle to the gallows" and fought riot police with rocks and clubs in a wild protest against his moves to loosen Algeria's ties to France.

De Gaulle met for 35 minutes in Paris with Premier Michel Debre on the deteriorating Algerian situation. He was reported planning to announce the formation of a three-man "executive" of two Moslems and one European to pave the way for a free referendum in which Algeria's 9,000,000 Moslems and 1,200,000 Europeans can decide their own future.

The riot erupted at the end of official Armistice Day observances. Demonstrators in two other Algerian cities, Oran and Philippeville, chanted "Algeria is French" but did not start any violence.

In Oran, Mobile Guards, backed by armored cars, moved in to block demonstrations called by colonist and veterans' organizations.

A terrorist's bomb killed one, injured nine last night. A taxi driver was found shot to death.

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