Visit vignettes -- Khrushchev jokes of spies

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16, 1959 (UPI) - Allen W. Dulles, head of the super-secret Central Intelligence Agency, and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev jokingly needled one another about the cloak-and-dagger business last night. Both remarked that international spies sell information to the U.S. and to Russia.

"Perhaps you have seen some of our (CIA) reports," said Dulles with a grin.


"I believe we get much of our information from the same people," the No. 1 Communist replied. "Maybe we should share the wealth and only pay them once."


Plant pigment measuring device draws attention

Scientists displayed a device they called a dual monocromator - a spectrophotometer for the Soviet leader at an agricultural center today.

"What's that?" reporters asked.

"Oh," a scientist quipped, "that's the Russian translator."

Then he explained the device measures small concentrations of pigment in plant tissues.


20,000 pray for Red victims

Richard Cardinal Cushing and an estimated 20,000 persons met at the foot of Boston's Bunker Hill and prayed for those who are victims of communism. The cardinal warned that communism can take over the U.S. He said missionaries had claimed China wouldn't go communistic, but it did. The Bunker Hill monument was draped in black for the meeting.


Food for dinner flown from Moscow

Most of the food which will be served at the Soviet Embassy dinner tonight for President and Mrs. Eisenhower was flown from Moscow in the same jet which carried the Soviet premier. A chef also came along.


Reception pleases Red propagandist

Leonid F. Ilyichev, head of the Communist Party Agitation and Propaganda Service, was pleased at the reception for his boss despite lack of cheers. He noted the crowds and said: "Eyes and smiles are much better than cheering."

No mention was made of a few scattered boos.


Truman passes up meeting with Khrushchev

Former President Harry Truman revealed in New York that he has declined an invitation to meet the Russian leader at a reception tomorrow given by ex-Gov. W. Averell Harriman. He told Harriman, who invited him, that he has a dinner engagement with his daughter.


Flag forgotten

U.S. guards forgot to raise the Russian hammer and sickle flag over the Blair House today. The State Department reminded guards to do so at 8:45.


Sign ordered down

A Washington photography store was ordered to remove a large red sign which read: "Shoot Khrushchev."

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