President Eisenhower greets Khrushchev

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15, 1959 (UPI) - Following is the text of President Eisenhower's welcoming remarks to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev: "Mr. Chairman, I welcome you, your family and party to the United States. I am especially happy that Mrs. Khrushchev and other members of your family are accompanying you. On behalf of the Government and of the people of America, I express the hope that you and they will find your stay among us interesting and useful.

"I am looking forward to the talks we will have together. Although we shall not be negotiating any issues affecting the interests of other countries, I trust that a full and frank exchange of views on many subjects may contribute to better understanding, on both sides, of unresolved international problems.


"During your stay here you will have an opportunity to see something of our country, our institutions, our customs and our people.

"The political and social systems of our two countries differ greatly. In our system the people themselves establish and control the government.

"You will find, I am sure, that they, like your people, want to live in peace with justice. Although they have built and maintain strong security forces, it is clear that because our people do want peace and because they are the decisive influence in basic actions of our government, aggression by this nation is an impossibility.


"Just as I hope that I may later visit and learn more about your people, I know that you seek better understanding of our system, of our people, and of the principles which guide and motivate them. I assure you that they have no ill will toward any other people, that they covet no territory, no additional power. Nor do they seek to interfere in the internal affairs of any other nation.

"I most sincerely hope that as you come to see and believe these truths about our people there will develop an improved basis on which we can together consider the problems that divide us."

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