Self-Hypnosis Gives Mother Painless Childbirth

BRIGHTON, England, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- Mrs. Pamela Bransden slowly counted five, snapped into a hypnotic trance, and save birth to an eight-pound baby. It was as easy as that she said.

Today she relaxed at her Brighton home, delighted that she had become Britain's first self-hypnosis mother


Mrs. Bransden, 31, became a mother for the fourth time without anesthetic or pain. She said she was conscious throughout the birth and knew exactly what was happening.

Her three other children were born in the normal way.

She prepared for the latest birth with the help of T. G.. Warne-Beresford, president of the British Society of Hynotherapists, who has a clinic at Brighton.

Beresford, jubilant over Mrs. Branseton's report, said he believed 75 percent of all women were capable of having babies the same way. She said her self-hypnosis birth was "thrilling."

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