Thousands welcome de Gaulle to Algeria

ALGIERS, June 4, 1958 (UPI) - Premier Charles de Gaulle arrived here today in the full uniform of a French army general to impose his supreme authority on Algeria's rebellious military and civilian leaders. The wartime resistance hero flew here from Paris for a tumultuous welcome from the groups whose uprising brought him to power. But it was a showdown visit in which he was using his full powers and prestige to squash the last traces of rebellion.

One of his first acts was expected to be the dissolution of the revolutionary "Committee of Public Safety" whose defiance of the Paris government led to the downfall of Premier Pierre Pflimlin and de Gaulle's own rise to power.


The army apparently was supporting him to the hilt but there were still many of the French colonials here who resented the fact he had named none of their members to his cabinet and who feared he might sell them out in order to end the costly Algerian war.

De Gaulle wore on his tan summer uniform the double-barred Cross of Lorraine - the emblem of the Free French he led to victory in World War II.

A roll of applause went up from the crowd of massed thousands when de Gaulle stepped from the sleek jet airliner wearing the two stars of a brigadier general - the last grade he held, in 1940.

De Gaulle was accompanied today by Gen. Paul Ely, the man who resigned as chief of staff two weeks ago when two of his officers were dismissed in the political uproar started by rebel army officers in Algeria. Ely resumed his old post yesterday.

De Gaulle was visiting Algiers for three days and it was believed he would use some of the time to make peace overtures to Tunisia and Morocco, both of which have become alarmed at the warlike ferocity of the generals who brought de Gaulle to power.

He was not expected to visit either Tunisia or Morocco at this time.

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