No plans to recall Guard, says Faubus

SEA ISLAND, Ga., Sept. 23, 1957 (UP) - Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus said today racial disorder that broke out in Little Rock this morning was "the thing I acted to prevent when I called out the National Guard" to prevent integration of Central High School. Faubus was slapped with a federal injunction Friday to prevent his further interference with integration. He withdrew the Guardsmen Friday night.

Faubus said he has no plan at this time to recall the Guard.


Faubus, who is attending the southern governor's conference here, conferred by telephone this morning with aides in Little Rock.

"There is fighting all over the place," Faubus said.

"I am keeping in touch with situation by phone and I have no plans at the moment to return to Little Rock."

Faubus said he had "pleaded" with the Negroes not to attend classes this morning.

Commenting on the disorder that broke out when the Negro students slipped into Central High School, Faubus said: "That's the thing I have deplored all along. That's the thing I acted to prevent in the first place."

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