Six European nations to sign common market, atomic treaties

ROME, March 24, 1957 (UP) - Foreign ministers of six West European nations will sign two treaties tomorrow setting up a European common market and atomic pool. Russia has denounced the mergers.

A continent-wide television hookup will permit millions of viewers to witness the signing of the treaties by the foreign ministers of France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.


The 248-article common market treaty calls for the gradual tearing down of all trade barriers among the six nations over a period of 12 to 17 years. The delay is necessitated by the need for adjustment of narrow national economies to continent-wide free competition.

A $1 billion European investment bank and a fund for the professional training and movement of workers will help the economically weaker nations in the adjustment process.

Under the atomic pact, "Euroatom," the member nations will pool knowledge, raw materials and installations for production of atomic energy for industry.

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