Film on "Flying Saucers" claims to be taken from government files

Aline Mosby, United Press Hollywood Writer

HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- The movie scoop of the year is not a new blonde, but a motion picture that claims to show actual film of so-called "flying saucers'?, taken from government files.

The motion picture, ''Unidentified Flying Objects," is a documentary account of the flying saucer history from the time the first such object was sighted in 1947 and the nation went saucer-crazy.


Producers Clarence Greene and Russell Rouse used eyewitness accounts of sightings and the Air Force investigation of same.

The movie was made in cooperation with three key men of the Air Force saucer investigation: Capt. Edward Ruppelt, former director of the investigation, called Protect Bluebook; Albert Chop, public relations chief for the group; and MaJ. Dewey Fournet, liaison officer between the Pentagon and Project Bluebook.

Through various connections, Greene was able to obtain documents on the saucer investigation and two pieces of motion picture film allegedly showing saucers that had been turned over to the government.

One was taken In, Great rails, Mont., by Nicholas Mariana, general manager of the Great Falls Baseball Club. The other was taken by a naval officer on vacation, Delbert Newhouse, who happened to have a camera with him when he sighted some objects near Trempnton, Utah.

"I saw the motion picture. In the Montana film, two white saucer like objects move in a horizontal line across the sky. In the Utah film, a formation of saucers move in various directions. They look like tennis balls dancing in the sky."

Producer Greene has stacks of documents from scientists and Air Force Investigators saying the objects could not have been birds, known aircraft or balloons. Not one actor was used in the movie.

Greene recruited newspaper men, police officers and friends to portray the various real-life characters connected with the saucer Investigation.

Some of the characters were portrayed by the actual persons Including Mariana, Newhouse and Capt. William Sperry, an American Airlines pilot who reported a saucer in 1950.

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