Newly wed Princess Grace, Prince Rainier honeymoon in Iberia

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MONTE CARLO -- Their serene highnesses, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, sailed highly unserene Mediterranean seas to his hideaway at Cap Ferrat late Thursday, to spend the first portion of a month's honeymoon.

The newlyweds apparently slipped ashore from Rainier's yacht under cover of darkness and used a private staircase leading from the water's edge to get to the prince's villa. The villa lights went on soon after the honeymoon yacht dropped anchor offshore.


The short cruise from tootling, serenading Monte Carlo, after a magnificent double-ring wedding ceremony in Monaco's cathedral, took about two hours. It caught many of the huge army of reporters and photographers by surprise.

To Visit Italy

The prince's future stops after a stay of undetermined duration at his secluded villa, "Iberia," will include Italy for an audience with Pope Pius XII.

The Pope sent a message to their highnesses at their religious wedding. The message urged the former film star to be "a strong woman at the side of her spouse" because she "has been found worthy by Providence" to rule over the Graustarkian and predominantly Roman Catholic little principality.

Grace and Rainier became man and wife in the eyes of their church in a 63-minute ceremony in a cathedral ablaze with jewels, medals and the finest that the world's couturiers could offer.


It was another kissless wedding but far more affectionate and immensely more impressive than their sad civil ceremony of the day before, when the prince would look at the beautiful Philadelphian only once during the 20-minute ceremony.

Holy Communion

The plainly devout pair received holy communion in the course of the mass that followed their double-ring wedding ceremony, and with bowed heads heard clergymen adjure them to show humility, selflessness and recognition of the step they were taking.

Grace came in like a swan sliding along a red river of carpeting. She was on the arm of her proud, stalwart and frock-coated father, who once was a Philadelphia bricklayer and worked his way up to become Olympic rowing champion, a wealthy contractor and a Democratic political figure.

Grace's gown, from Helen Rose, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer designer, was a vision to behold. Its bodice of Brussels lace was cream colored and embroidered with tiny pearls. The skirt of peau de soie was of the identical shade. The waist was contained in a cummerbund of the same silk material. Her train of a yard or two was not carried. It and she seemed to float.

Bach and Handel blended with the jewels, and camera lights as the rest of the wedding cast assembled.


Trumpets shook freshly-planted orange trees in blossom in front of the cathedral as Rainier arrived dressed, in his way, as splendidly as his spouse.

Prince Dashing

Hii high helmet was aflame with red and white feathers. Epaulets on his self-designed tunio showed he was commander-in-chief of Monaco's midget army and navy. There were enough medals ablaze on his chest to decorate most of the principality's standing troops.

An old sword hung from his blue-sashed waist. His trousers were of pale blue, with gold sidewalls.

He took his place next to Grace before the altar and they sat down on red silk chairs, with gilt edges and legs. Kneeling benches to match were in front of them.

Their proud families and friends flanked them. Bishop Barthe, in his golden mitre, in-canted over them that the Roman Catholic church was making legal in its ancient way the civil ceremonies of the day before.

"Oui," they said softly, to old questions that have joined couples for teeming centuries. Their rings tenderly were placed on their1 fingers. They knelt beside each other and bowed their heads in prayer.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds drove through the shining, twisting streets to the tiny chapel of Saint Devote, patron saint of Monaco.


Grace had been scheduled to kiss the relic of the early Christian martyr, but she confined herself to prayers as she and the prince knelt in, the gravel at the bottom of the steps. She prayed again alone in front of the altar holding the relic.

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