Cold war on Reds launched by U.S. to capitalize on Stalin death

WASHINGTON, March 6, 1953 (UP) -- The Eisenhower Administration launched a top secret psychological warfare offensive against communism today in an effort to capitalize on Stalin's death. High-ranking Administration sources revealed the plan was whipped into shape immediately after Moscow announced that Stalin was gravely ill. The plan now has been put into effect.

These sources guarded details of the project. But they revealed it is designed to "exploit" the confusion and chaos sure to grip the Reds as a result of the passing of "Mr. Communism." One of the chief aims is to drive a wedge between the satellites and Moscow.


In line with this offensive, the Voice of America warned Communist-dominated peoples behind the Iron Curtain today that Stalin's death promises no relief from the "extermination and suppression" he fostered.

"Soviet Communist imperialism and not any one man is the real enemy," the Voice said in broadcasts beamed throughout the world.

The immediate slant in news broadcasts transmitted through the world in 46 languages was to emphasize that the death of Stalin should not result in a slackening in the fight against communism.

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