Dr. Ralph Bunche gets Peace Prize in Oslo program

United Press

OSLO, Norway -- Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, former United Nations mediator in Palestine, received the 1950 Nobel, peace prize last night and called for freedom, equality and peace for the peoples of the world.

The 46-year-old Bunche was the first colored person and the youngest person ever to receive the peace award.


"May there be in our time a world of peace in which we, the people, make full use of the possibilities which are in us, a world of freedom and equality among all men," Bunche said after receiving the Nobel gold medal, diploma and check for $31,178.

While Bunche was being honored, eight winners of awards in other fields received their Nobel prizes in a similar ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

The awards to the nine men totaled ! nearly $200,000.

The other eight winners beside Bunche were: Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, who received the 1950 literature award; William Faulkner, American novelist, who belatedly received the 1949. literature award; Cecil F. Powell, of Britain, who received the physics award for his work in cosmic rays; Philip S. Hench and Edward C. Kendall of the American Mayo clinic and Taedeus Reichstein of Switzerland, who received the awards for medicine for their work in developing cortisone and ACTH; and Otto Diels and Kurt Adler of Germany, who received the awards for chemistry for their discovery of the Dien synthesis artificial production of chemical compounds.

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