'Their bodies pile up, but Reds keep coming'

By ROBERT BENNYHOFF  |  July 25 1950
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ADVANCE U.S. HEADQUARTERS, Korea, July 25, 1950 (UP) -- "They just kept right on coming," the lieutenant said.

He returned to headquarters after three days of fighting with the First Cavalry Division against the Communists on the embattled front around Yongdong.

"One of our machine guns fired on them and kept on firing and firing," he said. "But that didn't even slow them down.

"They just kept right on coming.

"We called for mortar fire and got it. I saw mortar hits directly in the middle of the advancing gooks. Bodies hurtled into the air and piled up all around.

"But they kept right on coming and finally drove us off the hill.

"We withdrew to a position we could defend better, but then we saw the gooks pull off the hill. We figured they had had enough and we reoccupied the hill.

"As soon as we did, the gooks attacked us from the rear left flank. They had gone back around us and come up from behind us.

"We called for mortar fire and got it, and the same thing happened all over again.

"They just kept right on coming. We withdrew to our previous position again. This time we stayed there."

The lieutenant said the Red soldiers advanced like swarms of bees in small groups.

"It's amazing," he said. "These guys don't attack in organized units and they don't seem to have any over-all plan. They come in little swarms, each with a mission of its own."

"They all wore uniforms of some green fatigue material, but had all different kinds. They had all kinds of weapons, including American rifles and carbines.

"They seemed like a bunch of cattle being driven over the hills and valleys.

"The only thing that might explain it is that there is a guy behind them with a gun saying

'keep going or we will blow your heads off.'"

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