U.S. officer says 7 Yanks machine-gunned after surrender to North Koreans

By Robert Miller  |  July 10 1950
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AT THE KOREAN FRONT, July 10, 1950 (UP) - An American lieutenant said today that seven American soldiers who surrendered to the North Koreans were lined up along a road and machine-gunned to death. -- Lieut. D.C. Gates, Joinersville, Tex., said he saw four of the men surrender to the Communists early today in an area which the North Koreans infiltrated and held for a short time before being driven out.

After the Communist retreat, Gates said, he found the bodies of the four men and three others lying beside the road. Their hands had been tied behind their backs and they had been machine-gunned through the face.

Gates said the four men he saw captured were in jeeps carrying ammunition to an advanced outpost when they ran into a North Korean road block. One jeep turned back and escaped, but the lieutenant said he saw the drivers and ammunition loaders in the leading jeeps get out and surrender.

The other three men killed were believed to be American mortar men.

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