U.S. places war guilt on Russia

June 24 1950
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WASHINGTON, June 24, 1950 (UP) - State Department officials said Saturday night that the United States will hold Russia responsible for the Communist North Korean attack against the independent South Korean republic which this country and the United Natio -- But there was no indication that the United States intends to take direct military action of its own in defense of South Korea.

North Korea is a nominally independent "people's republic" backed by Russia. While officials here did not say so for quotations, there was a general feeling that if the North Koreans have Russian support from Manchuria and elsewhere, they could overrun the south with comparative ease.

That would bring Communist forces to within 100 miles of the American flank in Japan and raise grave new problems in connection with the precarious Western position in Asia.

The Korean embassy said that North Korea's declaration of war is "probably the next step of Soviet Russia to dominate Korea, Japan and probably the whole Far East."

Pyo Wook Han, first secretary of the embassy, said that if "the attack is true, it should not be considered a local incident in Korea. It is a question that should not only concern the United States but the entire world. This is probably the next step in Soviet Russia to dominate Korea, Japan and probably the whole Far East."

Republican critics of United States foreign policy immediately charged that the attack on South Korea stemmed from this country's weak policy in the Far East.

Sen. H. Alexander Smith, New Jersey Republican said this country's first step should be to supply the South Koreans with more arms and equipment.

There was no official information Saturday night as to what line of action this government will take.Gen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman of the United States joint chief of staffs, who returned from the Far East Saturday, was asked directly by the United Press what, if any, commitment this country had made to South Korea. He declined to answer.

There are about 300 United States military officers and men in South Korea as a military mission which has been helping train the army there. These Americans could give guidance to South Koreans in directing their defense.

The only apparent immediate aid that this country could give would be to send aircraft from Japan - less than an hour's flight - but there was no indication this could be done.

The State Department spokesman who said this country would hold Russia responsible explained that the United States have never recognized the North Korean "people's republic" which the Soviet sponsored. The United States regards the North Korean regime as Russian dominated, and therefore holds that ultimate responsibility lies in Moscow.

"Anything that happens in North Korea is very much under the influence of Russia and in that way Russia is responsible for the North Korean government's actions," he said.

South Korea was expected to appeal to the United Nations security council, which is charged with maintaining peace.

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