Goering tries joke, but gray face and shaking hands give him away


NUREMBERG, Germany, Oct. 1, 1946 (UP) - "I got the best sentence of all," Herman Goering told the prison psychiatrist Tuesday when he stumbled back to his cell, knowing he was going to hang.


Dr. Gustave Gilbert said his was a poor attempt to appear brave.

Goering's face was gray, he said, and his hands shook.

"Goering's front of bravery is all baloney," Dr. Gilbert said. "They're all cowards, everyone of them, including Goering.

"They're all shaking in their cells tonight. The front they put up was mere bravado."

Goering and the other 17 who are under death or prison sentences walked back from the courtroom to the prison without help.

Dr. Gilbert said Rudolf Hess, especially, had tried to show that his life sentence did not bother him.

Dr. Gilbert has been here since the trial started 10 months ago. He had declared Hess sane.

Col. Burton C. Andrus, commander of Nuremberg prison, said most of the Nazis were resigned to fate, even before they heard their sentences.

The prison chaplain spent the afternoon with the prisoners. Andrus said Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, the Nazi ideologist, still refused to have anything to do with religion, but Goering attended services regularly.


From now on, the chaplain, prison officials, guards and lawyers will be the only persons the convicts will see. Andrus did not think it likely that Goering and the other condemned would see their wives again.

"The defendants were given their choice of seeing their wives during the recess or after the verdicts, and they unanimously chose the former," he said.

The convicts' families learned of the court's decisions the way millions of other Germans did, by radio broadcasts from the courtroom. Their wives and children had to leave Nuremberg after their farewell visit Saturday.

In the two weeks before the executions, extreme precautions will be taken to prevent any from committing suicide. None will be allowed to have eyeglasses while alone. All cells are equipped with plexiglass windows, from which shards cannot be broken, and any fixture which a prisoner might use for an impromptu gallows has been removed.

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