Says Nazi defense using race hatred

NUREMBERG, April 9, 1946 (UP) -- Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief American prosecutor, angrily accused war crimes defense counsel today of using the Allies as press agents for anti-Semitic propaganda and turning the tribunal into a sounding board for neo-nazism.

Jackson cited a 170-page document by Alfred Rosenberg's counsel, Dr. Alfred Thoma. He called it "violent anti-semitism which the United States simply cannot be in position to spread, even at the order of the tribunal."


"I simply must not become a party to printing and disseminating to the press this just plain anti-semitism and what I would call rubbish, at the expense of the United States," he said.

Jackson said that undoubtedly the defense counsel would argue that such material was pertinent to their cases. But, he said, the defendants were being charged with the murder of 4,000,000 or 5,000,000 Jews and the question of ideology did not arise.

"There is no purpose to try anti-semitism or superiority of races here, or whether Jews are liked or disliked. It is the murder of human beings," he said.

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