Eden denies Churchill in Fulton speech tried 'to put Russia on spot'

LONDON, March 5, 1946 (UP) - Anthony Eden denied in the House of Commons today that Winston Churchill intended to "put Russia on the spot" by his speech at Fulton, Mo.

Eden said he had heard nothing of the kind from Churchill and would not believe it "for one single minute." His remarks were in response to charges against Churchill offered earlier in debate on a British white paper on defense. Eden referred to a statement by Independent-Laborite J. McGovern, who said he understood Churchill's object was to "put Russia on the spot."


Citing Churchill's speeches from the day Russia was attacked, Eden said there was "nothing in which he is more sincere than his desire for good relations with the Soviet Union. And frankly I think this is the desire of everybody in the country."

Official sources said Churchill spoke as an individual, and denied implications that his address had the approval of the British Government.

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