Allied airpower carries war deep into Germany

By United Press

American airpower is out again today, carrying the offensive to end the war deep into Germany. About 2,000 American planes have attacked nine air fields in northwest Germany -- pinning down the luftwaffe before it can challenge our advances. One formation struck on into central Germany to bomb the Plauen tank plant south of Leipzig.

British Lancaster bombers also joined in the daylight offensive, striking an oil refinery near Heide. Mosquito bombers of the RAF stung Berlin with two-ton blockbusters for the 29th straight night.


American fighters and fighter-bombers destroyed more than 3,200 German military vehicles -- tanks, trucks and armored troop carriers -- during yesterday's 2,900 sortie attack.

Returning pilots say the roads east from Kaiserlautern to the Rhine are littered with thousands of bodies and the burning wreckage of German vehicles.

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