Warsaw patriots drive enemy back

By United Press

LONDON -- Polish underground forces, slugging their way forward with rifles, machine guns and grenades against mechanized Germans in the spreading battle for Warsaw, have captured the Washodni railway station near the west bank of the Vistula and the Wilenski rail station on the east bank in west central Praga, it was announced Saturday.

A dispatch to the London Sun day Observer said the Polish ex lie government's delegate in Poland had issued a proclamation to the people of Warsaw declaring that the "larger part" of the capital now is held by the patriot forces and that the German resistance inside the city "has been broken."


Germans Beaten Back.

German attempts to recapture the two main east-west and north-south highways thru the center of Warsaw and the principal power station and gas works have been beaten back in bitter fighting, a communique from the Warsaw headquarters of "General Bors," commander of the underground armies said.

Bors warned that the Germans are stiffening their resistance to an ominous extent, throwing in increasing numbers of heavy tanks and showering the capital from the air with incendiaries.

The enemy has managed to keep open the east-west Jeru salem avenue, Bors said, and is reported bringing, up additional strong tank units in the appar ent hope oi smashing the patriot attacks before the arrival of the Russians, the crash of whose heavy artillery already is reverberating.


For these reasons and because the underground's ammunition stocks are running low, the patriots' principal efforts will be directed henceforth at holding all ground gained, mounting of fensive thrusts only when favor able opportunities present them selves, Bors said.

Throw Up Barricades.

The Polish forces hastily are throwing up hundreds of barri cades of barbed wire, and road blocks in the streets from behind which they count on warding off nazi motorized attacks, he said, rairiot women ana girls are making "Molotov cocktail" bombs for use against the enemy tanks.

Bors revealed that exception ally heavy fighting has been raging for the central Warsaw railway station and for four bridges across the Vistula, whose capture would be of inestimable aid to the approaching Russians.

He acknowledged that these objectives rested in German hands Saturday after four days' Ditter lighting during which they "changed hands many times with heavy losses on both sides."

Bors said the underground divisions in some areas were suffering greatly in efficiency from loss of commanders killed during this phase of the fighting. the breathe national said.

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