RAF strikes in force at Nuremberg

By William B. Dickinson

LONDON -- A strong force of four-engined bombers last night devastated the industrial district of Nuremberg and set huge fires with four-ton and two-ton blockbusters and 10,000 fire-bombs, the British air ministry announced today.

Pilots reported that tremendous fires were started in the important southern district of the city.


Some crews reported that "the Marshalling yards were ablaze."

Pilots who concentrated in the northern district of Nuremberg said that fires there caught hold and spread as the attack neared the end.

They also reported "large explosions, followed by black smoke, which rose 4,000 feet into the air, occurred in this area."

Key German war factories suffered under the huge weight of bombs dropped on Nuremberg, including the Messerschmitt works and factories producing diesel engines for U-boats.

It was the sixth raid on Nuremberg, which last was raided less than three weeks ago.

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