Lithuania under martial law, gives up Memel to Germany

KAUNAS, Lithuania, March 22, 1939 (UP) - Lithuania surrendered Memel to Nazi Germany today under an implied ultimatum which said that if the annexation was effected peacefully Germany would "generously consider" Lithuania's economic interests.

The surrender was announced officially this morning.


A Lithuanian delegation arrived in Berlin today to work out details.

Fuehrer Hitler will make a triumphal entry into Memel probably tomorrow night. He will be preceded by German troops from East Prussia.

All Lithuania was placed under temporary martial law.

Lithuanian troops were reported withdrawing from the territory and unconfirmed reports were that German troops already had started to enter the area.

By the surrender Germany regains 1,099 square miles of territory with a population of 152,000 taken from her after the World War and handed over to Lithuania in 1923.

[Berliners believe Lithuania, now cut off from the sea with the surrender of Memel, has become, economically, at least, a vassal state, the United Press reports.]

It was Adolf Hitler's second triumph in seven days - one week after his entry into Prague.

The official announcement of the capitulation was:

"The Lithuanian Ministerial Council, in view of the position of the German Reich, has consented to surrender Memelland to Germany. This consent was brought to the attention of the Selma (Parliament) yesterday. A Lithuanian delegation will leave for Berlin today to adjust questions arising from the government's action."


Two official communiqu

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