FDR gives July 4th speech 'day ahead' at Gettysburg

By George Durno

WASHINGTON -- While Fourth of July orators proclaimed Independence day from coast to coast, President Roosevelt buried himself in work at the White House today.

The chief executive, just returned to Washington, ignored the holiday and undertook to dispose of a number of important official matters before again boarding his travel-worn special train for a swing across the continent.


Spoke at Gettysburg

Mr. Roosevelt had made his oratorical effort a day early at Gettysburg, where 150,000 people joined with aged members of the Grand Army of the Republic and Lee's confederate host in dedicating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Civil war battle to a lasting peace and unity of these United States.

On Thursday evening, the president heads to the Pacific coast on a tour that may have a vital effect on the political fortune of numer ous Democrats seeking office this fall. .

Yesterday, at Gettysburg, Mr. Roosevelt solemnly served notice he intended to FIGHT TO THE LAST DITCH against political and economic interests that threaten "a people's government for the people's good."

'Another Conflict'

On the hallowed ground of Gettysburg he declared the nation to day faces ; "another, conflict, as fundamental , as Lincoln's, fought not with glint of steel but with appeals to reason and justice on a thousand fronts seeking to save for our common country opportunity and security for citizens in free society."


And he concluded with a resonant emphasis on each word-that "WE ARE NEAR TO WINNING THIS BATTLE.''

A new flame of peace today burned over the ancient battlefield from a 51-foot high memorial which the president dedicated.

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