Eyewitness tells how 'Pretty Boy' came to his death

By United Press International  |  October 23 1934
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Mrs. Ellen Conkle, widow, on whose farm "Pretty Boy" Floyd was slain yesterday, gave the United Press the following eyewitness account of the scene.

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio -- I was alone in my farm home when "Pretty Boy" Floyd came there and asked for something to eat.

He said he had been drunk and was going home. I could see that he looked wild but he did not seem to have been drinking. He was a very pleasant man.

He was dressed in a dark suit and was wearing a white shirt but it was very dirty. I told him I would fix him up some dinner, so I gave him potatoes, spare ribs, coffee, rice and pumpkin pie.

He ate it like he really enjoyed it and then he gave me a dollar. I didn't want to take it but he said the dinner was fit for a king and I must take it, so I did. I will save that dollar!

When he came to my house I did not know who he was because I don't read much of that kind of thing in the papers. He seemed awfully interested in the newspapers however. I got him a copy of yesterday's paper.

He seemed a little nervous but I didn''t think much of it. He went to the road once or twice and looked up and down.

My brother Stuart Dikes from Rogers and his wife came in from the fields. They had been husking corn for me all day. Floyd asked my brother if he would drive him back to highway 7, but he didn't say where he wanted to go from there. He said he didn't much care when he went because he had been drunk.

My brother and sister-in-law got in the car with Floyd and started to back it from behind the corn crib. Just as they did so, two cars drove up to the end of the lane, about 100 feet away from my brother's car.

Floyd saw them and told my brother, "drive back behind the crib quick. They are after me!" My brother did and when he stopped the car, Floyd told him to get out and run. Floyd then jumped out and started to run across the field. The federal men jumped out of their car and ran after him. As they passed my brother, they asked him who the man was and my brother replied he did not know. So they started shooting.

Floyd shot a couple of times at them but I don't think he hit anybody. Floyd ran about 200 feet across my field before he fell.

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