U.S. recognition of Soviet Union expected to spur trade


WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 1933 (UP) -- A rapid growth of Soviet-American trade and new alignments in world politics appeared today as the likely first fruits of renewed diplomatic relations between Washington and Moscow.

Happily following his greatest diplomatic victory, which gave two of the world's most powerful nations and official speaking acquaintance after 16 years of non-recognition, Maxim Litvinov, foreign commissar, sought today to complete arrangements for trade. He was expected to confer during the next few days with officials of the R. F. C. and other government economic agencies.


That America would aid this trade development with substantial credits was generally accepted.

Recognition of the Soviet Union was announced by President Roosevelt at the White House just before he left for a vacation at Warm Springs, Ga., last night.

He announced at the same time that he would appoint William C. Bullitt, Philadelphia, as the first American ambassador to the Soviet. Mr. Bullitt is now special assistant to Secretary of State Hull.

It was reported from Moscow today that Gregory Sokolnikov, Mr. Litvinov's assistant commissar of foreign affairs, might be the ambassador to the United States.

However, Alexander Troyanovsky, former ambassador to Japan, and Valerian Mezhlauk, assistant commissar of heavy industry, also were mentioned.


Only a few hours after the White House announcement, Mr. Litvinov, hitherto silent, met more than 100 correspondents at the National Press Club. He wore a red necktie and his face was wreathed in smiles.

The Commissar declared that recognition was not a formal gesture, but the portent of real friendship between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Earlier, the State Department had begun placing the laurels of recognition on the Soviet's brow.

Robert F. Kelly, chief of the eastern European division of the State Department, escorted commissar Litvinov to the palatial embassy of the Russian imperial government on 16th street and officially placed it in his hands.

Acting Secretary of State Phillips, meanwhile, informed Serge Ughet, financial attach

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