Zangara says crowd kept him from killing Roosevelt

MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 16, 1933 (UP) - Giuseppe Zangara, the bricklayer who shot at the president-elect, told this story of his crime, police said:

"I have hated presidents and kings since I was a boy. I have always hated the rich and powerful.


"I have a sore stomach, too, and that had made me hate.

"When I read in the Miami newspapers that Roosevelt was coming to Miami, I bought with $8 a gun with which to kill him.

"I got to the scene early, but the crowd was too big for me to get near the platform.

"I meant to shoot him while he was talking, but the crowd was in the way and I am a short man.

"I have always hated the rich and powerful. I hoped that I would have better luck this time than I did 10 years ago in Italy when I bought a pistol to kill King Victor Emmanuel. The same thing blocked me in Italy as blocked me here. There was too big a crowd.

"I guess I tried to kill Roosevelt because I have been troubled by a stomach operation.

"I would not shoot a working man or a policeman. It is the rich and powerful I hate. I am poor, I have always been poor. My people have been oppressed. As a child I had to work hard in the fields, and when I was 16 I had to go to war.


"I hated all my officers. I determined that some day I would do my share of wiping out every official and every rich man I could find.

"Life has been very bad for me. I began to hate very violently my richer schoolmates who had money to spend and who had more privileges than I.

"I am 33 years old and was born in Calabria, Italy.

"As I grew older this hatred for the rich became more intense and 10 years ago it reached a climax when I purchased a gun and determined to kill the king of Italy. As I told you before, this plan did not work.

"I came to Miami from New York City, but I have also lived in Hackensack, N.J."

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