Chickasha sees G.O.P. platform same old stuff


CHICKASHA, Okla., June 20, 1932 (UP) -- The barbershop verdict on the Republican national convention is that platform and performance were "the same old stuff."

One of the Farmer brothers, proprietors of a three-chair shop on N. Third street here passed judgment on the Republicans today.


"About these Republicans," Farmer said, "it all sounded like just the same old stuff. I dunno about that prohibition plank."

Farmer suggested that perhaps the depression was more important than prohibition. His reasoning was simplicity, itself.

"I'll tell you what," he said. "I don't know anybody in this town that really is making money."

L.C. Hutson spoke for bigger business, in fact one of the biggest businesses in town. Hutson runs the Indianhoma Ginning Co., and is associated with R. K. Wooton, whose

handsome, new seven-story Oklahoma National Bank Building dominates Chickasha's main street.

"The weakest thing about the Republican platform,"' Hutson said, "was its farm plank and its stand on the Farm Board. We do not like the Farm Board in this country. Those surpluses they accumulated have paralyzed commodity markets.

"There isn't much interest in prohibition out here," Hutson continued. "We are interested in economics but the people here have the idea that the Republicans straddled


on prohibition. It looks to me as though the Democrats might have a good thing if they would just adopt the minority prohibition plank that the Republicans rejected. That wouldn't commit anyone to repeal. It would just give the people a chance to vote."

Despite the unquestionably large produce of the surrounding countryside, one responsible business man said he thought Grady county's largest industry was distilling bootleg liquor.

There is scant evidence that Chickasha takes very seriously the presidential candidacy of Gov. William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray. In this part of the state Gov. Franklin D.

Roosevelt of New York seems to have the edge with Newton D. Baker of Ohio and Harry Flood Byrd of Virginia next. After that there is not much choice. Few persons have heard of Gov. Albert C. Ritchie.

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