$50 million for 1929 dry drive

WASHINGTON, Feb. 15, 1929 (UP) -- An intensive drive to enforce prohibition by the Hoover administration was foreseen today when it became known appropriations for that activity will be larger than ever before since passage of the Volstead act.

Increased estimates for day law enforcement are being sent to Congress to supplement the regular appropriations by both the Treasury and Justice departments. The treasury has announced it will ask for $2,700,000 additional. The Justice Department will ask for more than $1,000,000 extra funds.


With the regular appropriations for these departments, a total of about $50,000,000 will be available for enforcement activities at the start of the Hoover administration.

The total appropriations will be divided as follows: Justice Department, $10,000,000; Prohibition Bureau, $15,000,000; customs service, $20,000,000. In addition the coast guard will spend about $10,000,000 on its dry fleet.

Prohibition Commissioner James R. Doran told the United Press today he is planning to engage 400 additional dry agents, to add to the present staff of about 3000 men. The Customs Service will use the extra $1,000,000 to place more agents at New York Harbor and extra patrolmen along the Canadian Border.

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